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A valid visa does not grant the right to entry in the Schengen area. The visa holder at the border of the Schengen area has to present a passport with a valid visa and, at the request of the border police, necessary documentation confirming the purpose of stay.

For the Schengen visa this documentation may be requested to confirm the following facts:
- appropriate documentation to justify the entry, the purpose and the conditions of stay (for example: a round-trip ticket, hotel booking, invitation letters, etc.);
- availability of money (cash, traveler’s checks, international credit card, etc.);
- medical insurance policy valid in the Schengen area with minimum coverage of € 30,000 for expenses of hospitalization and repatriation.

The lack of supporting documents may result in refusal at the entrance in the Schengen area by the border police. The non-fulfillment of obligations relating to the stay may result in the adoption of a measure of expulsion by the police authorities of a member state.
IMPORTANT: for more details, and for information on entry and stay relating to all types of the Schengen visa, including all types of residence visa (exceeding 90 days), it is recommended to visit the multi-lingual site: http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it