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Additional service

Dear Applicants

The Italain visa center offers optional services for the convenience of the applicants.

-Prime time

Using this service, you can apply for visa on Tuesday from 4:30 pm till 8:30 pm, and on Saturday from 11:00 am till 3:00 pm in our office located at: Moscow, st. Kievskaya 2, 3d floor.

To use this service, please make an appointment in the section «Book an appointment» by selecting the office: «Moscow PrimeTime (Kievskaya)», no later than 5:00 pm day before submission date.

The cost of the service «Prime Time» is: 2100 rubles for each applicant and does not include the cost of service and visa fees, as well as additional services.

-International medical insurance 
The International Medical Insurance policy can be purchased at the VMS Visa Center. 
• The average cost is 1,5 euro for a day (the total cost will be calculated at VMS visa center);
• Medical insuranse can be purchased at VMS visa center up to age of 90; 
• Waiting time reduced to the minimum;
• Insurance coverage available from Euro 30,000 up to Euro 100,000;
• Possibility to access special schemes for people that practice extreme sports;
• The payment is made in rubles at the official rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at the time of the issuance of the policy.

For your convenience online insurance option is available on the links below.


Order an insurance Online

A Photocopy service is available for a price of 25 rubles per copy.

-Printout of Documents 
Price per printout is 25 rubles per page. 
(The above price is applicable for printout of filled application form) 
Please note that printout from external pen drive is not available. The applicants submitting the documents in Moscow are advised to send documents for printout to the e-mail 
The applicants submitting the documents in regional offices are advised to send the documents for prinout to the e-mail address of the respective regional office.

Form filling and printout of application form for Itlaian visa at visa center.

- Form filling sevice (according to the documents provided). 
Price is 250 rubles for one set of the application form (4 pages)

Avail of reliable Passport delivery service at your home or office. 
The payment is made at the time of signing the contract in accordance with DHL rates.

-SMS notification 
Receive an update via SMS once the passport has arrived at the Visa Center. 
Price for sms service is 50 rubles. 

-Photo service
The photo service is available for a price 300 rubles per 4 photos (the service is available for Moscow office).