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Information for not accredited agencies

Travel agencies whose accreditation has been cancelled or which are not accredited at the moment have an opportunity to continue or establish cooperation with the Italian Visa Center VMS in St. Petersburg as NOT ACCREDITED AGENCIES. Each visa applications should contain the same set of documents as for individual applicants.

In addition to the above-stated documents each application from the visa non accredited agency has to provide following documents:
-the documents from the agency that it is registered in the Uniform federal register of tour operators with the license of outbound tourism from ROSTURISM;
-the power of attorney for the submission of documents from the tourist who has bought the tour package (with the contract and confirmation of tickets and confirmation of accommodation);
-passport copy of the applicant.

If the tourist provided fingerprints earlier, his presence isn’t required at the Italian Visa Center VMS. In case it is necessary to hand over fingerprints, the applicant can come to the Italian Visa Center VMS in time provided for all travel agencies, from 15:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday.