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Financial Guarantees

All applicants who intend to travel to Italy or the Shengen Territory must provide proof that they have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of their planned stay (most recent bank statement/s).

The sum of financial guarantee required to travel to Italy is calculated on the basis of the parameters approved be the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy (see the table below) and does not include the costs of travel tickets and accommodation.

Any of the following documents will be considered sufficient proof of financial resources:

applicant’s original Bank account statement with authorized stamp and signature. Bank account statement is valid maximum for 1 month;

savings account in original and copy;

• copy of the applicant’s valid credit card with name & surname + ATM receipt including account balance. ATM receipt is valid for a maximum period of 3 days from the day it was taken from ATM to the day of the document submission;

 host person’s bank guarantee (Fidejussione bancaria or Polizza fidejussoria – copy from original signed by the signatory of the Invitation Letter).

Sponsorship is possible only for close relatives who take part in joint trip with documents which prove family relations: for children – birth certificate (copy and original) for spouses — marriage certificate (original and copy). In case surname was changed, additional supporting documents should be provided (for example: marriage certificate or certificate of changing name).
Also proof of traveling companion must be provided: travel vouchers/ticket reservation, accommodation, and a sponsor’s financial guarantee. If a sponsor has a valid Schengen Italian visa, its copy and a copy of sponsor’s passport page containing holder’s data and validity must be provided. If a sponsor’s valid visa was issued by diplomatic missions of other Schengen countries, also the original of sponsor’s passport must be provided.

Financial guarantees can be provided in rubles, dollars and sterling pounds on euro exchange rate.

Minimum available financial resources required to cover the cost of suitable accommodation and other expenses in Italy (in Euros).


Duration of a trip For one person For every person of a group (2 or more)

1-5 days: fixed amount



6-10 days: per person / a day



11-20 days: fixed amount + per person / a day





over 20 days : fixed amount + per person / a day





*How to calculate? For 15 day trip: 51,64 (fixed amount) + 36,67 * 15 = 601,69 euro’s.

The following documents cannot be submitted as a financial guarantee: certificate of 2NDFL, certificate of for the currency exchanged, cash money or bank account statement without authorized stamp and signature. An exception for the above are if the bank account statement presented is from Tinkoff bank, Alfa-bank, Sberbank, VTB and electronic bank account statement from the branches of the banks which are not present in Russia.