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Photo requirements

Photo size

• 30 mm x 40 mm or 35 mm x 45 mm with the head centered in the frame;
• the face should cover 70-80 percent of the photo area.

General requirements

• the photograph should not be older than six months;
• the photograph should cover the full face where the applicant is directly facing the camera;
• the photograph should be coloured, on a white background and without any frames;
• glasses or other wear which diminishes from the face are not acceptable unless advised for medical reasons.

Unclear, too dark, too light, too contrasting, too pale photos, and photos with the image changed or treat by means of electronic editors of images are not accepted. All photographs should preferably have the ears exposed.

It is kindly advised to adhere to the above instructions. If photographs presented do not meet these requirements the application will not be processed.