International Medical Insurance valid for all the Schengen Territory

To submit the documents it is required to provide the Medical Insurance with the following details:

• name and surname of person insured (according to the passport);
• the insured period of travel (the minimum period – the period of first travel to Schengen area);
• number of days for the insured period (the minimum number of days – number of travel days according to the tickets provided);
• the territory insured (Worldwide or Schengen counties);
• amount insured (not less than 30.000 euro or 50.000 dollars).

The International Medical Insurance policy can be purchased at the VMS Visa Center. 

• waiting time reduced to the minimum;
• insurance coverage available from Euro 30,000 up to Euro 100,000;
• possibility to access special schemes for people that practice extreme sports;
• the payment is made in rubles at the official rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at the time of the issuance of the policy. 

For your convenience online insurance option is available on the links below.