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CONSULTAZIONE PUBBLICA Nuova procedura di accreditamento delle Strutture Sanitarie Nazionali presso il Consolato Generale d’Italia in Mosca per il rilascio di visti per cure mediche.

Dear Applicants!

Kindly note that as of May 3, 2021, ONLY the applicants who are holders of Italian tourist visas (Schengen visa type C) expired during the period from January 1st 2020 till now, are allowed to apply for a new Italian Tourist Visa.

You can find information about the list of required documents, fees , rules for submission by clicking For details…

Please, be informed that applications for new visas could have negative result in case of misuse of the aforesaid last Italian visas (for example, never used to enter Italy but used for travelling to other Schengen Countries).

Note that travelling to Italy and other Schengen Countries for tourism is not allowed yet, due to the current temporary restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Additional information can be found on the Consulate General of Italy website - avviso riapertura visti turismo (esteri.it)


Dear applicants! 
We kindly inform you that Visa Application Center in Moscow (only the office M. Tolmachevsky a. b.6\1) submit of documents for the following types of visa only:

  • Visa for work (visto per lavoro subordinato)
  • Visa for work (visto per lavoro autonomo)
  • Elective residence visa (Visto per Residenza Elettiva)
  • Visa for researchers (Visto per Ricerca)
  • Visa for official invitation (participation in a public event on the topic of culture, human rights, politics, science, etc.
  • Visa for religious Visto per motivi religiosi (for clergymen and members of religious communities supported by well-know confessions).
  • Driver’s visa (visto per trasporto) 
  • Mission visa (visto per missione)
  • Transit visa (visto per transito)
  • Student visa type (visto per studio)
  • Medical treatment visa (visto per cure mediche)
  • Re-entry visa (visto per reingresso)
  • Business visa (visto per affari)
  • Sport visa (visto per gara sportiva)
  • Family reunion visa (EU nationals’ close relatives as defined Directive 2004/38/EC and close relatives as defined Directive 2004/38/EC of third-country nationals who are holders of a residence permit in Italy, or in presence of a “NULLA OSTA al ricongiungimento” by the S.U.I. (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione) and persons specified in paragraph L of Art. 4 p. 1 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of Italy from August 7, 2020, subsequently integrated by the Decree from September,7, 2020 (permanent and confirmed personal affective relationships For details…).

Please note that due to the unstable epidemiological situation in the world, the minimum period for consideration of the submitted visa application by the Consulate General is 7 working days.

All people travelling to Italy from a foreign country for any reason are requested to read carefully the contents of the link:  
and in particular the rules on fiduciary isolation (quarantine) to be spent at the address that each one is free to indicate on the self-certification model downloadable from the aforementioned site.

You can familiarize yourself with the general rules of movement in EU countries during a pandemic here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/

Documents submission carries out STRICTLY by appointment, which you can book here
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we kindly ask you to arrive at the appointed time.When visiting the Visa Application Center, you must wear a mask and gloves and maintain a social distance of at least 1.5 meters. 
The number of persons at visa application center is limited, and therefore we kindly ask you to be receptive to the potential waiting. In order to reduce the total service time and minimize contacts, it is recommended to pay the consular fee and draw up an insurance policy in advance. 

Press Release

Visa fees

The possession of the visa does not grant immediately the right to entry in the Schengen area. The owner of the visa, being on the border of the Schengen area, has to present a passport with a valid visa and, at the request of the border police,necessary documentation confirming the purpose of stay. For details…

Urgent announcement from the Consul General of Italy in Moscow:
“I would like to inform all Russian citizens applying for an Italian visa not to trust intermediaries or agencies that guarantee long-term visas in exchange for certain amounts of money. Such proposals are illegal, and those who agree to pay commit an offense punishable by the Russian and according to the Italian laws…” Continue…

Information on the protection of individuals with reference to the processing of personal data for the issuance of an entry visa in Italy and in the Schengen area. Continue…