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Press Release


The Consulate General of Italy in Moscow informs that visa applications for Italy can be presented at the Consulate and also at the following visa centers located in various cities of the Russian Federation.
All information regarding the required documentation with the visa application can be found on the Consulate website: www.consmosca.esteri.it or on the website of Visa Management Service that on behalf of the Consulate manages the receipt of the visa applications: www.italy-vms.ru
The Consular fee for Schengen visas category C, (tourism, business, etc.), is euro 35 (euro 70 in case of urgent visa). The Consular fee for national visas category D (valid employment offer, self-employed, family reasons, etc.) is 116 euro. The Consular fee for study visas category D (national) is 50 euro.
No Consular fee applies to study visas type C (Schengen), visas for children below the age of 6 and for relatives of citizens of the European Union and Swiss Confederation.
Please also note that for any person who can prove to have already been granted one or more Italian visas, the Consulate, subject to receiving all the required documentation even if only for the first trip, may issue a longer visa.
The Consulate General of Italy in Moscow discourages any applicant from availing himself/herself of the services of individuals or organizations that claim to be able to secure the granting of visa owing to special relationships with Consular personnel.
In order to access the full list of the travel agents and other operators, please visit the Consulate website: www.consmosca.esteri.it.