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Status of your Application

Passport collection is available from Monday till Friday, except holidays,  from 09 am to 6pm.

Kindly note that the following documents must be provided to collect the passport at the Italian visa application center VMS:

Contract with Italian visa application center VMS, which is handed over when submitting documents;
Bank Intesa receipt of the payment of visa fee;
National passport for Russian citizens/for non-Russian citizens a personal identification
document should be presented.

The passports can be received by:

1) Primary applicant (a person who signed a contract for service);
2) One of the adult applicants
as mentioned in art. 1.4. of the contract for service;
3) Authorized representative
In addition to the listed documents, it is necessary to provide the original and copy of the notarized power of attorney for collection the passports from all the applicants included in the contract for service;
4) Close relative
(when relationship is confirmed), i.e.:
- Husband/wife;
- Father/mother;
- Adult apllicant for his/her parents.
In this case in addition to the listed documents, it is necessary to provide the documents
confirming a relationship (e. g. marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.— in original).

A preliminary appointment is not requested for documents receiving.

Dear applicants!

Please note that due to organizational and technical circumstances it may take longer than usual for processing of visa applications by the Consulate General of Italy.

We kindly ask you to submit visa applications and supporting set of documents in advance of the expected dates of trip. Currently processing takes more than 45 days from the date of the appointment.

Please consider this information when planning your trip!