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The documents for a group can be submitted only if each applicant have already given fingerprints. In case of submitting documents for a group it is necessary to take one appointment for the entire group.
In case of any travel abroad planned before trip the to Italy, we advise the applicant to provide the Consulate with supporting documents of travel plans (flight tickets and hotel bookings). No documents can be attached after the submission.
Documents can be submitted to visa center not earlier than 90 days before the trip.

Kindly note, that all appointments to the visa center are free of charge.

Due to security reasons we do not allow applicants to be accompanied with friends, relatives or acquaintances. However, one family member is allowed to accompany hearing-impaired / physically challenged / minors applicants.

When booking an appointment via web-site, an application form is filled while making the booking. Once an appointment is complete the application form can be printed. 

Please be advised that VMS service fee is required to be paid after submission of the documents this amount is not included in the visa fees it is an additional fee.For more information please click on the link.


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