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You can apply for a visa to enter the territory of Italy via Visa Applications Centres, which are private organizations entitled to receive documents for visa applications to Italy on the territory of the Consulate district of the Italian Consulate General in Moscow, on the basis of the registration stamp in the national passport of the Russian Federation. Please see the page: https://consmosca.esteri.it/consolato_mosca/it/i_servizi/per_chi_si_reca_in_italia/

If you are registered in Moscow and Moscow region, (click here), you should follow the link.

If you are registered on the territory of the Consulate District of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg and Leningradsky region, Arkchangelsk and Arkchangelsky region, Veliky Novgorod and Novgorodsky region, Vologda and Vologodsky region, Murmansk and Murmansky region, Petrozavodsk and Republic of Karelia, Pskov and Pskovsky region), you should follow the link.

If you are registered on the territory of other regions of the Russian Federation, you should follow the link.

Documents can be submetted only BY APPOINTMENT.

Kindly ask that the personal data in the appointment of each applicant must be valid in order to be able to submit documents to the Visa Application Center.
The Visa Application Center VMS is not responsible for visa applications that are submitted to any travel agency or a third party service provider outside of the Visa Application Center VMS.
Please note that appointment booking at the Visa Application Center is free of charge. Appointment confirmation must be printed out and presented at VMS visa center.

Please be wary of scammers who offer their paid services of booking an appointment to the Visa Application Center!

Documents for a visa can be submitted not earlier than six months before the start of intended visit, and for seafarers in the performance of their duties not earlier than nine months before the start of intended visit.

If the documents are submitted for a group of applicants, it is necessary to make a common appointment for all the applicants, including children.

Due to security reasons we do not allow applicants to be accompanied with friends, relatives or acquaintances. However, one family member is allowed to accompany hearing-impaired / physically challenged / minors applicants.

Please be advised that VMS service fee is required to be paid after submission of the documents this amount is not included in the visa fees it is an additional fee.For more information please click on the link.


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