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Accommodation proof

As a proof of accomodation it is necessary to provide one of the following options:

1. Invitation from an Italian citizen or a foreign citizen legally residing in Italy, a copy of the passport (page with personal data and signature page) or a copy of the valid residence permit (“permesso di soggiorno”).

The invitation should be as per the prescribed format. It is available on our website in the “Application Forms” section. For each applicant, a separate form is required to be filled.
The Invitation Letter should indicate the duration of the applicant’s intended stay in Italy and the address and signature of the inviting person. The second sheet of the invitation should be filled completely (each point mentioned in the check box should be ticked).
If the invitation is provided by a close relative: spouses, partner to whom the citizen of EU got married in accordance with legislation of host state, ascendants  and these ones of spouses and partners, descendants and these ones of spouses and partners, there should be presented also documents confirming relationship, in the original + copy (birth certificates, marriage certificates). In case of changing the surname/s, supporting documents must be also provided (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, name change certificate, etc.).

A scanned or facsimile copy of the invitation can be provided.

2. Reservation of the hotel with the name, address and telephone number of the hotel, the period of stay, the name and surname of each applicant.
If the stay is planned for several hotels, the booking for all the hotels for the entire stay is to be provided at the time of submission of documents.
When booking online, please note name and surname of all guests are mentioned.

3. When a tour is purchased from a travel agency:
- booking on the letterhead of the hotel
- an invitation and a voucher from of an Italian tour operator, with which the Russian agency co-operates.

The following information is required:
- name and surname of the applicant;
- period of stay;
- name, address and contacts of the host country.

4. If property is owned in Italy or in the case of a property lease:
the original and a copy of the contract of sale/ lease agreement, in the name of applicant requesting a visa;
if a visa is required for the guests of the owner (tenant), a copy of the contract of sale (lease), an invitation with confirmation of the provision of housing to a specific person for a certain period, a copy of the passport page with personal data and a copy of the visa of the inviting person, if this person is not a citizen of Italy, the lease holder’s copy of passport (residence permit) in case of a property lease from a private individual.

5. Invitation from the Italian Company
The inviting party must guarantee the return of a person after the expiry of the validity of the visa and ensure the residence of a foreign citizen during his stay in Italy (with an indication of the exact address of residence).
A copy of the passport of the inviting person.

A scanned or facsimile copy of the invitation can be provided.


If in addition to Italy you intend to visit other countries of the Schengen Agreement, you must provide proof of residence in all the countries.