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Invitation letter

Applicants must submit an formal invitation letter (form) from the Italian company or from the Italian branch of a multinational company. The invitation letter needs to include the company’s number of the Certificate of Registration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the following information:

  1. Full name of the applicant/s, professional status, business activity details of the Russian company they represent;
  2. Intended date of arrival;
  3. Planned business activity in Italy (e.g. factory visits, unpaid internships, checking details of goods and placing the respective orders), indicating the locations that you are planning to visit;
  4. Complete data of the Italian host or company who will cover all your accommodation and other expenses, including medical insurance. The applicant must submit in any case his/her own international medical insurance policy valid for the entire Shengen territory;
  5. The invitation letter from employer must be on company’s letterhead;
  6. The invitation letter must be duly signed by a director/manager or person authorized to act and sign on behalf of the company. The signature of the employer must be legible and an official stamp of the company must be included;
  7. The letter should state that the inviting company/private person in Italy is aware of the criminal law responsibilities (accordind to D. Lgs. 286 del 25.7.1998, art. 12) in case the invited person violates any of the Italian immigration laws.

Family members of the visa applicant (spouse, minors) must indicate that the purpose of their visit is tourism.

The invitation letter must be sent by e-mail or faxed directly to the applicant or his company in Russia.