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Request for a visa from an employer

A declaration from an employer with a request to issue a business visa in favor of the applicant, drawn up in English or Italian (in original). The declaration should be on the letterhead of the company where the applicant works. Also it should contain all the company’s data, applicant’s personal data, date of hiring, position and monthly salary, purpose and duration of the planned trip, its destination, and that coverage of all expenses is provided. The application must be signed by the HR manager or senior executive and certified by the seal of the organization (in the case of individual entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, by signature and seal, if any). It is necessary to indicate the date of issue of the document (validity period is 1 month).

If proof of employment is signed by an applicant himself it’s necessary to submit documents substantiating his position in the company.

If the applicant’s actual place of work differs from the legal address of the organization, it`s necessary to write down information on the applicant’s actual place of work.