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Travel document (passport)

Travel document valid for at least 3 months after the date of the visa expiry, issued not later than 10 years ago.
The passport must have at least two adjacent blank pages to affix the visa and for border stamps. It should be provided in original and in copies of page with personal data and of all pages with stamps and visas.

Each applicant, including minors, must have their own travel document. The Consulate will no longer accept visa applications for minors endorsed into their parents’ passports.

The expired/annulated passports (copies of page with personal data and all pages with stamps and visas+original shoul be provided (if applicable)). In case your surname was changed, additional supporting documents should be provided (for example: Marriage certificate or Certificate of change of name).

If the applicant has two valid international passports, it is necessary to provide both passports when submitting documents (originals +copies (pages with personal data and all pages with stamps or visas).


If you are planning to use your valid ‘second’ passport to  trip to the third country (before Italy), when submitting documents it is required to provide an original and copies of ALL pages of the ‘second’ passport as well as documents confirming the trip (air tickets reservation, hotel booking in the third country, etc.).