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Business visa (for models)

1. Invitation letter from fashion agency on the company’s letterhead needs to include the following information:
- full name of the applicant
- period of stay
- planned activity in Italy
- proof of available lodging in Italy

2. Copy of the passport of the Italian company representative who has signed the invitation letter

3. Company’s Certificate of Registration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce (Certificato d’iscrizione alla Camera di Commercio) or Chamber Certificate (Certificato di visura camerale). Such certificate should be issued no more than six months prior to the date the visa application submission

4. Supporting documents from ASSEM or FSA (international fashion associations), for ASSEM or FSA members only

5. Financial guarantees (personal or from the inviting company – fidejussione bancaria or polizza fidejussoria) For details… 

6. International Medical Insurance valid for all the Schengen Territory (personal or from the inviting company) For details…

7. Round trip tickets or ticket reservation 

8. Copy of applicant’s passport page containing holder’s data and validity

9. Application form (of established format) For details…

10. Photo (of established format) – 1 pcs. For details…

11. Proof of employment if an applicant is working in the model agency For details…

12. Copy of the certificate of Registration of the Russian Company
Employees of the companies registered after 01.01.17, should submit the extract of the register of the Unified Public Register of Legal Entities.

Travel document (passport) For details…

14. Deposit slip from the bank as proof of payment of the Consular fee (Banca Intesa) For details…

15. Portfolio (not less than 4 photos – copies)

16. Internal passport (original and copy of page with a photograph and page with registration).

17. Consent for processing the personal data For details…

For applicants under 18 years of age additional documents are required. Please click on the following link for more information.

Please be advised that VMS service fee is required to be paid after submission of the documents this amount is not included in the visa fees it is an additional fee. For more information please click on the link.

The Consulate General of Italy leaves the right to demand any additional documents.

For all additional information about documents submission please click on «Important information»

In case of additional questions please contact us For details…