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Elective residence visa

To apply for all categories of visa «D», all documents in all languages must be translated to Italian language. Translations must be made by the translators accredited by the General Italian Consulate in Moscow or must be certified by a notary. The documents in English aren’t required to be translated.

Documents can be submitted:
– in person (or accompanied by a legal advisor)
– by one of the family members with the documents confirming a relationship (marriage certificate for spouses, birth certificate for parents and children) — original and copy. In case surname was changed, additional supporting documents should be provided (for example: marriage certificate or certificate of changing name) (or accompanied by a legal advisor).

1. Application form type D (application form you can find in the “Application Forms” section).

2. Photo (of established format) – 1 pcs. For details…

3. Copy of applicant’s passport page containing holder’s data and validity

4. Documents proving a stable and regular income source such as annuities (pension or life time annuity), title to real property, stable business activity or other sources of income, proving that the applicant has annual income of at least 31.000 euro. Subordinated employment salary does not qualify for the purpose of this calculation.

Compliance with the minimum economic requirements will be assessed by the Consulate General of Italy in Moscow on the basis of the above described personal income tests for at least the previous year. In particular, such assessment will be performed on the basis of bank statements (indicating the reasons of the bank transfers), financial securities such as bonds and shares, shares of private companies and annual reports of such companies, evidence of title to real property and the related lease contracts. Current account statements from banks providing private banking services proving sufficient financial solidity.
All documents submitted should be in original accompanied with a photocopy for each document.

Spouses, minors who live with their parents and dependent children can also request this type of visa by giving a full financial guarantee. If the applicant has no personal income, the relative with whom the applicant submits the documents grants financial garantees for each member of the family.

5. Bank statements indicating the reasons of the bank transfer for at least the previous year

6. Documents proving availability of appropriate lodging at the place of elective residence. In particular, in case of planned real estate purchase, the applicant must present at least the following documents: preliminary contract (preliminary agreement prepared by a lawyer or notary) and documents confirming the first deposit or irrevocable bid, or an irrevocable purchase proposal clearly indicating the property which the applicant intends to purchase and the offered price. In any case, at the time of the visa issuance, the applicant must confirm at least the temporary availability of appropriate accommodation, duly registered in the tax authority (Agenzia delle Entrate).
All documents submitted should be in original accompanied with a photocopy for each document.

7. Travel document (passport) For details…

8. Deposit slip from the bank as proof of payment of the Consular fee (Banca Intesa) For details…
Visa type “D” – 116 euro (no exemptions from visa fee)

9. Internal passport (original and copy of page with a photograph and page with registration)

10. An explanatory letter in English or Italian outlining the motivations for constant residence in Italy

11. Copy and original of marriage or birth certificate if applying for family members (spouse, children)

12. Consent for processing the personal data For details…

Please note that for minor applicants traveling without one of the parents, it is necessary to provide a notarized consent form for permanent residence (original and copy) and a copy of the internal passport (pages with personal data and registration) of the parent giving consent.

Time frame for processing of application:

Kindly note that the time frame for processing the visa application is 120 days. In case of additional documents request on the part of the Consulate, the 120 days term is interrupted till full delivery of the additional documents requested.

Please be advised that VMS service fee is required to be paid after submission of the documents this amount is not included in the visa fees it is an additional fee.For more information please click on the link.

For all additional information about documents submission please click on «Important information»

In case of additional questions please contact us For details…