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Student visa (education in public institutions for higher education and taking exams)

To apply for all categories of visa «D» all documents  must be translated into Italian. Translations must be implemented by the translators accredited by the Consulate General Of Italy in Moscow and legalized by the Consulate General itself otherwise must be notarized and apostilled. The documents in English aren’t required to be translated. 

Before applying for a student visa for studying at the University of Italy, the applicant must first contact the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow to submit his candidature at the Consulate General of Italy. Submission of documents is possible only after the Consulate receives the lists of students.

Please present two similar sets of documents which you can find below. Visa fee of 50 euro is to be paid.

1. The enrollment document at the University of Italy with the information about scholarship and its value in case it is awarded

2. Accommodation proof For details…

3. One way ticket

4. International Medical Insurance valid for all the Schengen Territory For details…
In case the course lasts more than 90 days the applicant needs to present valid insurance policy for the first 8-30 days.

5. Copy of the applicant’s Travel document (passport) page containing holder’s data and validity

6. Application form type D (application form you can find here)

7. Photo (of established format) – 2 pcs. For details

8. Financial Guarantee For details…

9. Copy of the diploma or academic certificate (with or without translation)

10. Copy of Dichiarazione di Valore
If a student can’t provide Dichiarazione di Valore, he/she should apply for a Student visa type «C» for passing exams. If exams pass successfully, the student should come back to Russia and apply for a Student visa type «D» providing enrollment documents and Dichiarazione di Valore.

11. Copy of academic certificate or certificate of study of the additional education (at least for one year) for students who present only the certificate of secondary education.

12. Travel document (passport) For details…

13. Internal passport (original and copy of page with a photo and page with a registration)

14. Consent for processing the personal data For details…

 Please be advised that VMS service fee is required to be paid after submission of the documents this amount is not included in the visa fees it is an additional fee. For more information please click on the link.


For all additional information about documents submission please click on «Important information»

In case of additional questions please contact us For details…